GAUFF Stiftung

With all our hearts

The dedication of its volunteers keeps the Gauff Foundation alive. Their commitment creates the conditions for the target-oriented use of the donations and the optimal implementation of the projects.

The Foundation’s work is supported among others by:

Patrick Charlot has been living in Gabon for more than thirty years and hence has an excellent knowledge of the country and its people. The managing director of the GAUFF branch in Libreville is particularly committed to projects and initiatives in support of the country’s social development.

Petra Eckert is responsible for the accounting of the GAUFF Foundation. She also organises fund-raising campaigns – for example at Christmas time – and with high personal commitment takes care that donations in kind for Africa always reach the right people.

Markus Elbert is project leader of the GAUFF project for water supply „PALUB I“ in Lubango, the capital of the province of Huila. For the GAUFF foundation he has been in charge i.a. of the installation of a new water supply for the municipality of Toco, located around 30 kilometres away from Lubango. GAUFF foundation is currently planning further projects in the Lubango area.

Yvette Emma Mouandza is a lawyer in Libreville. She is locally keeping close contact to a juvenile court judge for the foundation. This valuable assistance enables us to support young people faster and more effective.

Emmanuel Mugamba, Managing Director of Gauff Consultants Uganda (GCU) in Kampala for many years, supports the GAUFF Foundation in all projects in Uganda with his contacts and know-how.

Anton Schauer-Grasch is branch manager of GAUFF Engineering in Luanda, the capital of Angola. He has been involved, i.a. in the installation of the new water supply for the municipality of Toco in the province of Huila as well as in the completion of the children's home in Uige. Furthermore, he is actively supporting new projects of the Foundation in the Angolan provinces of Huila and Benguela.