GAUFF Stiftung

Our strength – proximity

We have to stand close to people in order to recognise when and to what extent they need our help. Since the mid-1960s, the Gauff family have been working on a number of projects in developing and emerging countries. Since then, we have wanted to return some of the hospitality, helpfulness and cultural enrichment we and our employees have experienced and to this very day continue to experience.

We use the structures of GAUFF Engineering as well as the voluntary help of our employees to implement these tasks. In so doing, we can concentrate on our real concerns without facing the administrative costs associated with a large organisational structure. No matter whether our tasks are humanitarian or social projects, whether we can improve the education of young people or the living conditions of elderly people, what is important is that we can offer quick help with a minimum of bureaucracy. And that’s the only way we can stay close to these people.