GAUFF Stiftung

Day Care Facility Walalepo in Luanda, Angola

Since 2008 mothers of disabled children in the Angolan capital Luanda have the possibility to take advantage of the day care facility "Walalepo". Walalepo is a NGO (Non-governmental-organisation) located in a parish, which is visited by up to 100 mothers and their children every day. Since its foundation the organisation is working without fixed budget or regular financers and is constantly depending on donations.

From the German Ambassador in Luanda, the GAUFF Foundation learned about the organisation and its urgent need for wheelchairs. We have gladly committed ourselves to this project, and we have bought 10 solid wheel chairs in a total value of € 5000.- in March 2014 in Luanda. Furthermore, together with the Spörer Gesundheitsgruppe, we have realized a donation of special children's wheelchairs, high chairs and other auxiliary tools. Spörer donated four pallets of auxiliary equipment and the GAUFF Foundation took over the cost for transport, freight and customs clearing to Angola.. These donations were given to the children of Walalepo in September 2014.

We are intending to support this day care facility with money and material donations in future, in order to assist them in their important and valuable work.