GAUFF Stiftung

Addiction Aid and Youth Welfare Services r. A.

The topics addiction and violence among young people unfortunately does not have the significance in public discussion that would be appropriate for those important subjects. The Addiction Aid and Youth Welfare Services registered Association, based in Lübeck, is focusing on reporting in a nuanced and unprejudiced way and on informing children, young people and their parents nationwide about all the problems.

The main topics are the synthetic drugs, which are mostly traded in the form of little multicolor “candies” and therefore are highly perfidious. Those drugs are traded on accessible pocket money prices, frequently lead to addiction after the first intake and also to major health injuries. We are very concerned about the insidious proceeding of the dealers: Even young people, who clearly oppose drugs, are misled into believing they are offered treats, and are hooked to those drugs without their knowledge.

The so called “legal highs” are also extremely dangerous – while not prohibited. The partially unknown ingredients could have severe side effects and quickly lead to death, especially for adolescent youth.

As an information on these dangers, the association is issuing special topic booklets every month, dealing with die various aspects of addiction and violence. Information and targeted prevention are predominant in those booklets. These guidebooks are financed via donations and are distributed nationwide in all schools and vocational colleges. Herewith, information is being given to children and young people, as well as to their parents and teachers, about the various types of danger of addiction and the corresponding sensitization is being achieved. Because, only the well informed can act upon children and young people in a preventive way. And prevention is the best way to contain violence among young people and addiction.

The GAUFF foundation supports the tremendous work of the association during the academic year 2018/19 with the financing a set of the guidebook for one grade level  during six months.