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Future Hope Orphanage Home – Orphanage in Lagos

Since 2011, the association “Future Hope Orphanage Home e.V.“ (FHOH), located in Nuremberg, offers support to HIV and AIDS orphans in Lagos, Nigeria, in form of donations and numerous volunteers, thereby offering new hope and a perspective for the future. The first milestone was the construction of an orphanage with sleeping places, sanitary facilities and a classroom on a piece of land specially purchased by the FHOH.

The construction of a nature playground with garden is intended, where the children can grow vegetables and fruits as well as hold a few chickens and fish, thus enabling a varied and healthy diet by self-cultivated products. In addition, small amounts for the orphanage can be earned by selling vegetables and eggs.

The GAUFF foundation is happy to support this important and exemplary project in the long term. Our foundation also contributed to the "FHOH Charity Gala 2015" hosted in Nuremberg, which GAUFF Engineering has strongly supported as a silver sponsor, with a donation. The following year, we were able to present the orphanage in Lagos with a variety of donations in kind, for example a much-needed all-wheel vehicle and an emergency generator.
That is the kind of help that makes an impact!

More detailed information about the project can be found at: