GAUFF Stiftung

Surgery for Wilna from Angola

Eight-year-old Wilna (name changed) lives a very modest life together with her parents and her two siblings in Angola's capital Luanda. Due to serious malformations of her legs, Wilna is hardly able to walk on her own even for short distances. Despite her great thirst for knowledge, to date it was nearly impossible for her to attend school regularly and without help.

In the frame of the 56th Mission Angola the "Friedensdorf International" (PEACE VILLAGE INTERNATIONAL) attended to her and brought her to Germany, where she was completely examined in the Cnopf children's hospital in Nuremberg. However, several operations are necessary to enable Wilna to stand upright and to walk. The head physician of the hospital, Dr. Annemarie Schraml will perform the operations free of charge. The cost for the required hospitalisation is financed by donations. In order to support Wilna's treatment and to fulfil her dream of attending school without any help, the GAUFF Foundation has also donated EUR 1.000,--.