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Erlangens Life Bank helps Leukemia patients

There is hardly a disease as unpredictable as leukemia. It can happen to anyone of us without a warning. For affected people there is often just one promising treatment method: the stem cell transplant.

Although about 20 million stem cell donors are registered worldwide, there is no suitable donor to be found for a quarter of all affected people. But even for those patients there has been hope for several years: the transplantation of umbilical cord blood.

Already in the late 90s, the University Hospital of Erlangen has started to build up a cord blood bank and in 2004 it was one of three institutions throughout Germany, which had therefore a statutory approval for pharmaceutical products from the Paul-Ehrlich-Institute. The primary objective was and still is to collect as much cord blood as possible from volunteer donors for patients suffering from leukemia. And the processing and storage of cord blood from all over Germany occurs in the premises of the stern cell bank of Erlangen, according to the most scientific standards.

The GAUFF Foundation supports the life bank initiative since 2013 with an annual donation of € 15.000, - to help seriously ill people and to give them the chance to live on. Given that public and self-generated funds are not available in sufficient amounts, the owners of the stem cell bank are dependent on donations in order be able to provide the appropriate concentrates to a maximum number of patients.

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