GAUFF Stiftung

Cancer Prevention Gabon

In cooperation with the Foundation Sylvia Bongo Ondimba the GAUFF Foundation donates two video microscopes for clinical diagnosis of breast and uterine cancer.

Breast, uterine and ovarian cancer are the most frequent forms of cancer among women. Therefore, preventative check-ups for early diagnosis are indispensable. The Foundation Sylvia Bongo Ondimba (FSBO) has taken on the task to improve cancer prevention for women in Gabon by early diagnostic, to increase the chances of recovery for persons concerned. Together with us and the highly experienced "Lalla Salma Foundation - Prevention and Treatment of Cancers" from Morocco, the FSBO wants to equip as many hospitals as possible with the respective medical devices for early detection and to train the medical personnel respectively.

The GAUFF Foundation supports these important prevention measures with a first step by donating two video colposcopes (Philips SLC 2000B) incl. the necessary accessories and expendables. As well the transport to Gabon, the installation in the hospitals on site as the training of the personnel will be financed and supported by the GAUFF Foundation. To ensure the success of this mission and to extend the preventive medical examinations, we agreed to assist the FSBO in the supply of further medical devices in 2014.

Supported by the "Lebensbank" in Erlangen, the GAUFF Foundation has already put one focus of its commitments to the prevention, early diagnosis and fight against cancer diseases.  In Gabon this commitment for life will now be continued in cooperation with FSBO.

"Santé/Dépistage des cancers féminins", Published on 13 April 2014, l'union