GAUFF Stiftung

A new home for the children

The well-being of the children in the children’s home of Uige is particularly dear to our hearts. The GAUFF Foundation renovated and decorated the home.

An initiative of the GAUFF Foundation often starts with a spontaneous desire to help. This is what happened when Helmut P. Gauff visited a children’s home in Uige and, on the spur of the moment, decided to take over the patronage. Since 2008, rehabilitation measures have been implemented there. The house has been extended, and structural renovation works were carried out. Thanks to the new gardens the home’s residents now have a more substantial and balanced nutrition. Further plans include the fencing of the property, with a view to the keeping of livestock. The brick machine donated by Gauff is another aid for self-help. It makes the young people acquainted with workmanship activities and thus helps to improve their prospects on the domestic labour market.

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