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Children’s home M’Banza Congo

The GAUFF Foundation supports the children’s home in M’Banza Congo.

In the context of an appeal for donations by the Ministry of Social Services the GAUFF Foundation learned about the children’s home in M’Banza Congo, Angola in spring 2009. Shortly afterwards, Gauff employees visited the home and formed an impression of the kind of support which the institution most needed. Since July 2009, we have been supporting the children’s home with monthly donations. These are primarily used to meet the basic needs of the children, such as food, clothing and the necessary school materials. For the Christmas party 2009, Gauff employees donated a basket with presents: schoolbags, sweets and some pocket money for each of the home’s fifty residents. Moreover, in 2012 we could complete an own small library and buy several books (including a comprehensive encyclopaedia), due to the donations.

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