GAUFF Stiftung

Reliable water supply for the children’s home of Angondjé

The children’s home of Angondjé, located in the north of Libreville, very often had to struggle with problems in their water supply. And this meant that the people in charge of the home had sometimes to go long ways to gather water in jerrycans by themselves.

In February 2011, the GAUFF Foundation brought that indefensible situation to an end by donating a water supply storage system. This storage system with a capacity of 1.500 liters starts running automatically in case of the shutdown of the public water distribution and herewith guaranties an uninterruptible supply of drinking water for the children of the center.

Un système de stockage d'eau pour le centre d'accueil d'Angondjé
Published on 21 April 2011, l'union