GAUFF Stiftung

Drinking Water Supply Well for Toco, Angola

GAUFF Foundation is contributing in Angola in the supply of clean drinking water to rural communities as well.

In order to secure the water supply to the school and the local hospital in the community of Toco GAUFF Foundation had a water supply built consisting of a well with pump, lines, and a water reservoir. The local catholic Church is managing the water distribution and operates the well and the installations. In order to meet the daily water demand of at least 10,000 litres, on 9th February 2013, an international team drilled up to a depth of 66 meters and has upgraded the bore hole to a well according to German standards. The extracted water is fed into a high level tank via a pipe system, stored and distributed. The pump for the extraction of groundwater - a German product - is operated by solar power, so that a sustainable and self-sufficient supply is guaranteed. The performance of the well is dimensioned in a way that allows to respond to an even higher demand of water in the future.

Toco is a small municipality in the Angolan province of Huila and is located about 35 km North East of the provincial capital, Lubango.