GAUFF Stiftung

A victim of terrorism

In a bombing in Mossul,Iraq, 16 year-old Baschar lost his right arm. The GAUFF Foundation learned about this accident and invited him to Germany for a medical examination.

There is no peace in Iraq. Mossul, the second largest town of the country, has been affected by terrorism in a particularly bad way. Baschar’s family (name changed) were on their journey home from a wedding when an exploding bomb literally tore them apart. Baschar’s father, hit in the neck, died at the site of the accident. Bomb fragments shattered his brother’s knee and hurt his mother’s arm so badly that she lost all feeling. Baschar himself lost his right arm.

The GAUFF Foundation learned about Baschar and his family from a business partner and had him flown to Nuremberg for medical examination. The doctors did not only improve his prosthesis but also initiated further steps for medical care. In a few years, when Baschar is fully grown, a new prosthesis, optically and mechanically improved, will be adjusted.