GAUFF Stiftung

GAUFF Foundation supports Flood Aid of BRK (Bavarian Red Cross)

The flood of the century of the rivers Danube, Elbe and Saale in the early summer of 2013 caused terrible damages throughout Germany amounting to a total of about € 6.7 billion. Saxony-Anhalt, Saxony and Bavaria, where the belongings of many people have been destroyed and many families for the time were faced with ruin.

In order to get the flood and its consequences under control, among others the Bavarian Red Cross was working with more than 1000 helpers were working at the crucial points of the flood in Bavaria. The flood aid 2013 of the BRK has probably been the most extensive emergency mission of Bavarian's biggest disaster management organisation so far.

Beside the rescue of people and the direct assistance in cleaning up works, the BRK also offered special support services, psychosocial care and aftercare, which was gladly accepted.

The GAUFF Foundation supported this important and valuable commitment of the BRK and its action force with a donation of € 10.000,--.