GAUFF Stiftung

Emergency relief in Mosul

Violent conflicts have been raging in Iraq since 2014, forcing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis to flee from their homes. Most of the refugees don't even have the bare necessities they need to survive. The Iraqi Red Crescent Society has come forward to help them and is supported by the German Red Cross (DRK).

Most urgently, the refugees need potable water and drinking water canisters, blankets, hygiene kits, food and other essential supplies. The Iraqi Red Crescent distributes these supplies to those in need in the affected areas and camps. Once the displaced people have been taken care of in the reception camps, they move on to refugee camps and other quarters, where they receive longer-term help.

The DRK has a team of five delegates and local staff on site that helps the Iraqi Red Crescent with the relief operation on an ongoing basis. The GAUFF foundation has donated € 5000.-- in support of one of their main activities: helping people in Mosul.