GAUFF Stiftung

Ambulances for Gabon

The GAUFF Foundation donates six ambulances to Gabon

In order to provide a better medical emergency care in various regions in Gabon, the GAUFF Foundation bought a total of six four wheel drive ambulances from the German Bundeswehr, had them updated to the newest standards and shipped to Gabon. And there, they have been delivered to their beneficiaries in November 2010 as well as in February and April 2011. Today, the ambulances are based in Cocobeach, Lébamba, Mayumba and Libreville, where they sometimes are the only way to provide medical assistance to injured people.

The one ambulance for Lébamba, for example, is currently the only appropriate carrier to bring badly injured people to the local airport. From there, they can be flown with flying ambulances on the fastest way to a specialized hospital of the capital city Libreville.

Trois ambulances pour la FAABO”  published  February 2nd 2011 in  Gabon Matin