GAUFF Stiftung

A Sewing School for the Child-Mother Center in Libreville

In close collaboration with the Albertine Amissa Bongo Foundation (FAABO), the GAUFF Foundation installed a sewing school at the “Centre St. Joseph”, a home for young mothers in Libreville, Gabon. 

In this center, young mothers, who are minor and still children themselves, are enabled to obtain an adequate professional training. As the mothers and their children are very often repudiated from their families, they also will find collective living quarters.

The GAUFF Foundation provided, among other things, professional sewing machines, ironing boards, electric irons and all the needed equipment to run the school. The shipping from Germany to Gabon, the setting up and, as well, the bringing into service on site were part of the project. To assure an effective success of the sewing school, the Foundation did also organize the training of the local instructors by a German technician. The volume of expenditures for the whole measures reached about 100.000 € and the operation has been completed with success in January 2012. 

This secured qualified training provides the young mothers with a very important basis to start their new independent lives with their children.