GAUFF Stiftung

Expansion of the "Holy Dove" farming school in Uganda

In cooperation with Rwenzori e.V., which has been carrying out sustainable rural development projects in the Rwenzori mountains in Uganda since 2009, the GAUFF foundation is expanding the "Holy Dove" farming school and its educational programme. The school was only inaugurated in 2016 and already gives access to training and education to about 300 young adults.

About 80% of Ugandans work in agriculture, but resort to very traditional methods. Most of them are subsistence farmers. The students of the farming school learn all about modern agricultural methods both in theory and in practice on a parcel of about four hectares. The school focuses on improving cultivation methods, animal husbandry and efficient farmland irrigation. The foodstuff produced is used to supply the school and the Holy Dove high school, which was also founded by Rwenzori e.V. Two thirds of their own needs are covered by the food grown by the farming school. Part of the harvest is sold on local markets or to nearby hotels.

The GAUFF foundation is happy to support this exemplary and sustainable project with a donation of € 30,000 for the expansion of the school. With this donation, the school can purchase additional land for a small fish farm. This amplifies the field of competence of the school and the training and education options offered to the students. In the long term, this will not only increase food security, but also the overall economy of Uganda.