GAUFF Stiftung

iSchool Gabon

The Foundation Sylvia Bongo Ondimba (FSBO) has launched a pilot project in Gabon, in which it would like to measure the impact of modern information and communication technology on the learning behaviour of the pupils.

In this respect, in November 2012 a total of 258 third graders were selected at three different schools in the capital Libreville and its environment and equipped with iPads, laptops and projectors . For the school, which is located in the suburbs, a complete package was put together, which also included solar panel, cables and accessories in order to allow an independent operation of the whole system. All necessary hardware for the project was provided by the GAUFF Foundation

In order to prepare the lessons, an IT training program for 14 teachers was started in October 2012 to enable them to explain to their pupils the handling of the donated iPads.

iSchool Gabon is a cooperative project of FSBO with the Gabonese Ministry of Education and the GAUFF Foundation to introduce innovative teaching and learning methods to their pupils.